French Lessons

French lessons limousin FLE ABC Perfect

At ABC Perfect we offer enjoyable and profitable French lessons which will enable you to communicate freely in everyday situations, improve your level, but also express yourself fluently in professional and academic contexts, obtain a validation or diploma, or prepare for graduate studies in French.

We also prepare for the official TCF, DELF and DALF certificates of French proficiency awarded by the French Ministry of National Education, and which are designed to provide official recognition of French-language skills.

Lessons are given by a teacher qualified in French as a foreign language teaching (FLE), and range from levels A1 - beginner to C2 - master / proficient.

Learning objectives include:

General French: to gain general language skills while living in France, and communicate freely in everyday situations

Academic French: to prepare for examinations and official French tests (TCF, DELF & DALF)

Higher education French: to gain the French level which is necessary to enroll into university or a specialised higher-education school, and to prepare for study. This course includes specific modules such as understanding a lecture, writing dissertations and reports, taking notes, etc.

Professional French (from level A2): to learn French while gaining all the tools and know-how you need to fit into a French work environment

It is possible to start private lessons at any time of the year, but classes are held from September to June.